How to Apply for a Mortgage Loan Preapproval

Contact your Loan Officer and inform them you want to schedule a meeting to obtain a mortgage loan (Information on Mortgage Loan) preapproval. The loan officer may ask questions to organize for your meeting:
  • What type of property would you like?
  • How much down payment you have?
  • Where would you work and how much you make?
  • Do I've permission to perform a credit search?
The loan officer will let you know what documents you will have to bring to the meeting.

Apply for preapproval. Throughout the meeting, the loan officer will ask more questions to comprehend your mortgage needs. He will need as much information as possible provide.

Ask the loan officer to show and explain your credit history to you. This one of the most key elements in qualifying for a mortgage. It is better to know now if your credit score is too low than to discover after you have made an offer on a house.

Give the loan officer the required documents. She'll use your pay stubs, bank statements and other documentation that will help you find the best mortgage for your needs.

The actual loan officer will submit your mortgage application with regard to processing and underwriting. The underwriter will consider your credit rating, income-to-debt ratio and your level of savings. Your own loan officer will explain the mortgage, the estimated rate of interest, the estimated monthly payment and the estimated shutting costs.

A Good Faith Estimate and Truth within Lending Disclosure, which outline all the details from the mortgage offer, will be mailed to you inside three business days.

Provide your real estate agent having a copy of your mortgage preapproval letter.

If it takes a couple of months to find a property, your financial information might change. Your mortgage company may require updated documents to visit forward with your actual mortgage loan approval (Information on Mortgage Loan).


  • Lenders will ask you to purchase the credit report required for the mortgage mortgage pre-approval. However, this is normally the only fee you for that pre-approval.
  • Pre-qualification and Pre-approval letters are two various things. A pre-qual gives you an idea if you will get a loan. It is helpful, but does not carry just as much weight as an actual pre-approval.
  • Many Problems inside your mortgage situation can be resolved prior to your purchase and stop surprises that could delay or end your buy.
  • This is not an absolute guarantee of a home loan. Your financial situation may change or the home you select may not qualify for the loan.
  • If you're denied, find out what you can do to improve your chances of getting a mortgage approved later on.